UBC Online Service Migration to the New University Data Centre

For many years, UBC's online services such as Vista, FASmail, and EAD have been hosted in the Leonard S. Klinck data centre. However, because of its age, the Klinck Data Centre has become too costly to maintain. In order to continue using this Data Center, several key components would need to be replaced or upgraded--the cost of which would be uneconomical. In order to save the University a substantial amount of money, a decision was made to shut down the Klinck Data Center by mid-2015. Earlier this year several teams at UBC IT began planning the migration of all services from the Klinck Data Centre to the new University Data Center.

Production servers and data migrations will take place between October and December 2013 and may involve system interruptions for some enterprise services across campus. The duration of the service outages will depend on the complexity of the migration.

There are many benefits to migrating all services to the University Data Centre. In the UDC, storage is consolidated and re-organized from several storage islands into one storage cluster. This storage cluster gives our infrastructure the scalability, performance, fault tolerance and manageability required to meet current and future needs.

The new University Data Centre also has a more resilient infrastructure, featuring energy-efficient, updated hardware and an improved backup solution.

Service migrations will be broadcasted on the UBC IT Bulletins page, as well as via Twitter @UBCITOutages. For more information about the migration, please visit http://it.ubc.ca/projects/lsk-migration