Virtual Reality Lab Opens at UBC Studios

Virtual reality (VR) has historically been viewed as an important next-step in the gaming world. However, it also opens up exciting opportunities in education to broaden the scope of learning.

UBC Studios, with support from UBC’s Learning Technology Hub, have worked to create a new lab environment for both faculty and staff to try emerging technologies such as virtual reality. The lab is equipped with 360-degree video capture equipment and software along with a HTC Vive virtual reality station, which can be used for both content creating and viewing.

All members of the campus community are invited to use the lab for experimenting on ideas that may eventually enhance learning and research at UBC.

To book a demo session or the lab itself, please contact UBC Studios by phone at 604.822.9800 or by email at



As a central unit and part of the Information Technology department, UBC Studios provides digital media production support for all research and educational projects across campus. UBC Studios works to help the University stay current with the rapid changes in digital media technologies.