What’s going on at UBC IT: 3 Ongoing Projects at the LT Hub

Within the vast landscape of UBC IT, it's easy to miss out on project updates from our teams across the department. That’s why our UBC IT Communications team is dedicated to closing this gap by proactively connecting with our broader UBC IT community and seeking insights into their current projects. 

This week, our focus is on the Learning Technology Hub (LT Hub) team. To learn about the latest work in the LT Hub, we spoke to Tim Kato, Team Lead for LT Hub Operations. The LT Hub team plays a crucial role in supporting UBC by undertaking various projects that contribute to the efficiency and functionality of learning technologies. The team supports various system integrations, such as the Integrated Renewal Program (IRP) and the Extended Learning Digital Transformation, while balancing their usual daily workload.  

One major area of focus is the general support for faculty, staff, and student learning technology. This involves handling a high volume of support tickets, especially during peak periods in September and January at the start of each academic term. The team also engages in learning technology pilot projects, such as the ongoing pilot of the Turnitin plagiarism framework integration in Canvas, to enhance the teaching and learning experience for both students and instructors and provide a more seamless interaction with the Turnitin tool within Canvas. 

A second initiative is that the team is currently working on is integrating new sources into Canvas, such as Workday Student and Destiny One. Workday Student—the new Student Information System for UBC—is being integrated into Canvas to facilitate automated Canvas courses and access provisioning. Similarly, UBC Extended Learning is implementing a new system for non-credit courses, and this system—often referred to as the Lifelong Learner Information System (LLIS)—is also being integrated into Canvas. The LT Hub team takes on a supporting and design role in these integrations, ensuring a seamless flow of data between systems. 

Lastly, LT Hub is actively involved in the UBC Compliance Support Program. Ongoing work related to this initiative aims to enhance cybersecurity within the LT Hub, aligning with UBC’s Information Security Standards and implementing a regular risk review process. While this work is still in its early stages, it emphasizes the team's commitment to maintaining a secure and resilient learning technology ecosystem.  

Overall, the LT Hub team plays a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth integration of learning technologies, prioritizing privacy and information security in the learning technology ecosystem and providing ongoing support to enhance the teaching and learning experience at the University. 

For more information on these various projects and the LT Hub, please visit the websites: