Your mobile. Be safe.

Almost all of us use mobile devices (smartphones, tablet computers, laptops and USB drives.) Many of these devices are used to store personal information, which as UBC students, employees and faculty we have a duty to protect. Do you know how to keep the information on your mobile device safe if it is lost, stolen or hacked?

As part of UBC’s Privacy & Information Security Training and Awareness Program, the “Your mobile. Be safe” campaign aims to raise awareness on the risks involved when using unsecured mobile devices to store or access personal information about you, students, employees, and others. The campaign will provide useful tips and tools to help our employees and students to properly protect their devices.

Personal information is recorded information about an identifiable individual which might include social insurance number (SIN), UBC student number and bank account information.

Personal information can be put at risk when it is shared or stored on unsecured devices making it vulnerable to loss or theft by hackers, which could result in identity theft or significant harm to you, others and/or the University.

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