UBC Studios Renovations

Note: This listing is an archived project


In the summer of 2013, UBC Studios (formerly known as Telestudios) will undergo a large-scale renovation in a continued commitment to providing clients with high-quality communications and video productions.


The renovation of UBC Studios will help support the creation of tier one digital media projects at UBC on a cost-recovery basis.


  • Provide UBC with a centralized, high-quality production and post-production facility for digital media projects
  • Provide staffing and facilities that support the creation, production, editing, and delivery of media projects
  • Improve and support campus-wide projects relating to video/film, audio/podcasting, MOOC course creation, and animation



If you have any questions about the UBC Studios project, please contact Phil Chatterton at phil.chatterton@ubc.ca

Note: This listing is an archived project