AccessUBC is a platform that manages access to IT Services for employees at UBC. Using Human Resource Management System (HRMS), Student Information System (SIS), and Research Information Services (RISe) as sources of record, AccessUBC can identify active and inactive employee records to determine when access to services should be enabled/disabled.

New employees are automatically provisioned with FASmail, EAD, Workspace and Home Drive, and receive a notification email informing them of the availability of these services and how to access them.

The Identity and Access Management team actively works with Faculties and Departments to provide a tailored experience for their employees.

Features & Benefits

  • Automation allows for faster turnaround time for new employees to access services
  • A centralized platform/view of access for Helpdesk and Managers to gain visibility and improve support
  • Improved security with automated de-provisioning for employees that have left UBC