CWL Tutorials

Creating Accounts

How to Create an Account
Learn how to sign up for a new CWL account.

How to Create an Affiliated CWL Account
Learn how to sign up for an Affiliated CWL account.

How to Sponsor a Guest
Learn how to sponsor a new guest account.

How to Change Guest Information or Extend a CWL Guest Account
Learn how to modify guest information or extend a guest account.


Choosing Secure Passwords
You will use your CWL account to access personal information and secure systems. This tutorial will help you select a secure password, preventing others from gaining unauthorized access to your account.

How to Change your CWL Password
Find out how to change your CWL password.

Using the Password Recovery System
If you have forgotten your CWL password, learn how to create a new one using password recovery system.

Associating Your CWL Account

How to add a Student Number to your CWL account
Learn how to identify yourself as a student by adding a Student Number to your CWL account. Affiliations are important as they are checked before you are granted access to University resources.