Enterprise Active Directory FAQ

EAD is a directory service used for authentication and authorization to Microsoft Windows based services (i.e. VSS, H:/Drive, and FASMail).

All faculty and staff require an EAD account within the IAM infrastructure in order to access Microsoft Windows based services managed by UBC IT.
For students needing an EAD account to access Microsoft Windows based services (i.e. Student and Alumni Email Service), please contact your department directly for assistance.

Login to your CWL myAccount and change your password. Once you update your CWL password the EAD account is synchronized immediately.

Edge administrators are the department contacts for EAD/IAM services. They can provide eligibility for services if users are unable to self-provision IAM/EAD services. Edge Administrators are responsible for managing EAD entitlements for their departments and for advising their users to select IAM services via the CWL myAccount. They are not responsible for password changes.

Edge Administrators may have additional privileges with their EAD account. These privileges are managed through the CWL myAccount.
Manage EAD Admin Account in myAccount:

  1. Login to your CWL user account at https://www.myaccount.ubc.ca/myAccount/
  2. Select the Manage My Services link from the left side of the page.
  3. Click "Please review instructions" and follow steps provided in online documentation (see below).

Edge Administrators require technical documentation on EAD and Grouper in order to manage this service. For security reasons, please submit a request for these resources to the Identity and Access Management Team.