Digital Media Consultation


Initial consultation for digital media projects are available at no cost through UBC Studios. During your professional media consultation, UBC Studios staff can assist with defining the project needs including clarifying objectives, providing guidance for grant funding, budgets and schedules, and making stylistic recommendations. Learn about options available to you and decide whether a professional or do-it-yourself approach makes the most sense for your digital media project.

Features & Benefits

  • If you plan to apply for an educational or research grant, UBC Studios can provide estimates for the digital media portion of the proposal
  • Avoid potentially overlooked pitfalls with the help of experienced staff
  • Learn what options are available including new technologies and innovative ideas
  • Decide on the best approach for you project - Do-It-Yourself (DIY) vs. Professional


Change wording: Media consultations are free for UBC faculty and staff members creating UBC content.

Getting Started


  • UBC Studios is open during business hours.

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    Vancouver BC V6T 1Z4
    Tel: 604 822 9800