Other Software

This page lists other software not offered directly by UBC IT.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Software
National Instruments LabView



For cost and efficiency reasons, it is faster for users to download EndNote by purchasing it directly from the vendor.

For more information or to purchase EndNote, please visit the EndNote website.



Chemdraw license is now available for Chemistry and Michael Smith Labs personnel. 

Applicable staff can visit the MSL website for more information.

All others can procure a license at the SciStore website.


Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Software

The Faculty of Forestry has Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software from ESRI.

ESRI software includes ArcGIS's ArcInfo and ArcView (ArcMap & ArcCatalog) ArcSDE, ArcIMS, ArcServer, ArcEngine and ArcPad.
Free ESRI Virtual Campus courses are also available.

This software is available in five packages;

  • $25 - one year ArcView Student Edition,
  • $500 - a year but only ArcView in a lab installation,
  • $1000 - a year for any ESRI software but only on one computer,
  • $2500 - a year but only ArcInfo in a lab installation, and
  • $5000 - a year for unlimited copies of all ESRI software at your UBC unit.

The one-year Student Edition of ArcView includes Spatial, Geostatistical, Network, and 3D Analyst extensions. This software can be purchased from the receptionist in room 2045, Forest Sciences Centre with $25.00 and presentation of your UBC card. This software has to be ordered on a per DVD basis so availability is limited. Class sets need to be ordered at least 2 months in advance.

For more information please go to the UBC Geomatics web site.

Some GIS resources can be found on at the UBC Library and the UBC Geomatics web site.



JMP is not offered by UBC IT but is available via our association with e-Academy Inc.

For more information or to purchase JMP, please visit the OnTheHub online store.



Mathematica licenses are available directly from Wolfram, for both new purchases and license renewals.

For new license purchaes, please see the Wolfram Mathematica website.

For license renewals and upgrades, please visit the Wolfram Mathematica online store.


National Instruments LabView

Linux and Windows installers are available.

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering administers site licensing for National Instruments LabView as a campus-wide service.

For non-ECE users please send a request to help@ece.ubc.ca for more information.

Cost of Labview licenses: Large (>40 seats):
$4500 /Year
Medium (>20 and <40 seats):
$3000 /Year
Small (<20 seats):
$2000 /Year
Single User:
$250 /Year
Cost of Multisim licenses: Large:
$1500 /Year
$750 /Year
$500 /Year



S-Plus software is no longer offered by UBC IT but is available to purchase directly from the vendor.

S-Plus was recently purchased by Tibco and has been combined into their software "Spotfire", which is available as a free trial here: http://spotfire.tibco.com/trial

Students are able to download Tibico's s+ software via On the Hub: http://onthehub.com/download/free-software/tibco



Stata is available directly from StataCorp LLC.

To order a copy, contact StataCorp directly:

Phone: 800-248-8272 (Monday through Friday 8:00 to 5:00 Central Time)
Fax: 979-696-4601

Online: https://www.stata.com/order

Payment may be by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover or JCB).