SAS, by the SAS Institute Inc., is a software suite of products for business intelligence, business analytics, data warehousing, and data mining used to gather, manage, and analyze large amounts of information. It is available for Windows, Sun and Linux platforms. Please review the License Eligibility section below to ensure that you are allowed to use the UBC SAS license.

SAS Modules

The following SAS modules are included:

SAS Base: the foundation of the SAS system

Education Analytical Suite including:

  • Access: a transparent read/write interface to data from other software packages. Most of the popular databases are supported: OS/2 Database Manager (IBM DB2/2), Oracle, ODBC, PC files, Sybase, etc
  • AF: interactive applications development
  • Assist: menu-driven user interface to the SAS system
  • Connect: co-operative processing between SAS systems
  • EIS: for developing and maintaining executive information systems
  • ETS: econometric and time series analysis
  • FSP: full-screen data entry, editing and querying
  • Graph: information and presentation color graphics
  • IML: advanced mathematical and engineering applications
  • Insight: data visualization
  • Lab*: for guided data analysis
  • OR: project management and operations research
  • Stat: in-depth statistical analysis
  • Enterprise Guide
  • SAS Integration Technologies

Note: not all modules are available in all operating systems.

License Eligibility

The SAS software license with UBC specifies that SAS must only be used by UBC staff, faculty, employees, and students and only for non-commercial Teaching and Research and/or Administrative purposes for UBC using UBC owned assets. SAS cannot be installed on personally-owned computers, on computers shared with those using it for commercial research activities or shared with non-UBC employees.

Teaching and Research purposes are classroom instruction and coursework directly related to post-secondary degree requirements, including the formulation of theses and dissertations, and noncommercial research activities only for purposes related to UBC and only by UBC faculty/staff/employees/students.

Administrative purposes are activities associated with UBC operations as an academic institution and may only be used by UBC faculty/staff/employees.

Commercial purposes not allowed by the SAS license include, but is not limited to, a project which is majority funded by any corporation, a project which as a primary purpose other than the advancement of academic literature, a project which produces results for a single beneficiary rather than the public or academic community at large.


To install SAS on your UBC-owned device, contact your local IT support team or submit a request to Okanagan campus staff and faculty should contact the UBC Okanagan IT Services Help Desk.

SAS is available for download from our UBC IT Server by approved IT personnel.

More Information / Documentation

For information on SAS, please visit the SAS website.

Online Documentation for SAS is available here.

SAS patches and hotfixes and other updates for various versions are available on the SAS Support website.

Installation Troubleshooting

Report installation problems to your computer support staff. If they cannot resolve the problem, they should contact IT Service Centre Software Licensing with an exact description of the issue along with details about your computer's operating system and hardware configuration. The problem will then be escalated to SAS for resolution.