IBM SPSS Statistics is an advanced statistical package for Windows, Mac and Linux. UBC IT offers the IBM SPSS Premium license includes a number of enhancements over the base SPSS Statistics product:

SPSS Premium product which includes:

  • Advanced Sampling Assessment and Testing
  • Advanced Statistics/Advanced Models
  • Bootstrapping
  • Categories
  • Charts and Graphs
  • Conjoint
  • Data Preparation
  • Decision Trees
  • Direct Marketing
  • Forecasting
  • Linear Models
  • Missing Values
  • Nonlinear Models
  • Professional Stats/Regression Models
  • Simulation Modeling
  • Tables
  • Trends
  • AMOS Structured Equation Modeling (windows only) 

More information about SPSS Premium can be found on the SPSS website (http://www-03.ibm.com/software/products/en/spss-stats-premium) and information on each of the toolboxes can be found at (http://www-03.ibm.com/software/products/en/spss-statistics).

License Eligibility

The SPSS software license with UBC specifies that SPSS must only be used by UBC staff, faculty, and students and only for non-commercial Teaching and Research purposes related to UBC.

Additionally, these restrictions also exist:

  • SPSS can only be installed on UBC owned assets.

Students: if you're taking a course based on SPSS, you can get the SPSS GradPack from our partners at On The Hub.

Current Version and System Requirements

Please ensure that you meet the minimum system requirements. Note that SPSS requires an Internet connection to complete the activation.

For the current version number and all SPSS system requirements, please see the IBM SPSS Statistics System Requirements page.

Network vs. Standalone Licenses

Note: There are 2 different licensed versions of SPSS offered, a Network Licensing version and a Site License Standalone version. Each version has slightly different advantages/disadvantages.

1. Network Version

The SPSS Network Version requires an internet connection to contact the UBC SPSS license server when the SPSS application is initiated and in intervals during use. This is ideal for computers that are on the UBC campus (connected using the UBC network).


  • due to the requirement of contacting the UBC license server, it is not recommended to use the Network Version at departments where security firewalls prevent you from connecting to the license server or prevent you from using VPN (Virtual Private Network)
  • off-campus users must connect via VPN (Virtual Private Network) before starting SPSS.
  • the SPSS network license expires on May 31 of each year. Your license must be renewed each year. 

2. Site License Standalone Version

The SPSS Standalone version requires an internet connection to register the program with SPSS one time during installation. The SPSS Standalone version can only be installed on 1 computer per license.


  • SPSS standalone licenses expire on May 31 of each year. Your license must be renewed each year, on or before May 31. When you install the SPSS standalone license, you will be provided with a code which will be in effect until May 31 of the following year. If not renewed on or before May 31, the license has a grace period but will cease to work within 30 days from May 31.
  • At the time of renewal you can renew your existing version of SPSS or upgrade to the latest version of SPSS. IT administrators can get a server account to download SPSS installation files. The server account allows the user to download SPSS without any additional costs. Upgrading to a new version can only be done during renewal period for the Site License Standalone version so we recommend getting the latest version at the time of renewal.  

How to request SPSS

To install the network version (recommended), contact your local IT support team or submit a request to site-license@it.ubc.ca. Okanagan campus staff and faculty should contact the UBC Okanagan IT Services Help Desk.

To request a standalone version, please provide the following information to site-license@it.ubc.ca:

  • Number of annual licenses
  • Contact Name, Phone Number and Email Address
  • CWL username of the Staff that the software is licensed to
  • Specify if the license is New or a Renewal

More Information

  • For more information on SPSS products, please visit the SPSS website.
  • If not sure on how to install the software please contact your department's computer support personnel.
  • Please note that the IT Service Centre can only provide basic installation support.

Technical Problems & Patches

  • If you require the latest patches or are having problems and require support, please view the SPSS Support Pages.
  • Visit the newsgroup comp.soft-sys.stat.spss, the group has many expert SPSS users who cheerfully answer questions.
  • If technical issue is not resolved by looking up the above mentioned web sites then contact your department's computer support staff. If computer support staff require technical help, they can contact IT Software Licensing.