Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching (ADT4T)

Important notice: By creating an account with Microsoft Azure Developer Tools (ADT4T), you are consenting to their terms of use and privacy policy. We recommend using your or email address for this purpose. Please note that the use of this service is not mandatory at UBC, and we advise you to share only the necessary information for account creation.

The personal information you disclose to Microsoft may be stored outside of Canada and could be used for marketing purposes. When you utilize this service, Microsoft discloses a limited amount of necessary personal information to UBC.

We encourage you to review Microsoft’s Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, and Online Subscription Agreement, which are provided to you by Microsoft before account creation. If you have any further inquiries about how Microsoft manages your personal information, you can reach out to them via their web form or at +1 (416) 349-2506.

Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching (ADT4T) puts professional developer tools, software, and services from Microsoft in the hands of active UBC students, faculty, and IT Support Staff, with plans that come as a part of various Academic Volume Licensing Agreements. Students receive developer tools at no cost--everything needed to create apps, games, and websites--so they can chase their dreams, create the next big breakthrough in technology, or get a head start on their career.

Features and Benefits

Microsoft has included several popular applications such as Windows operating systems, Windows Server, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Visio, Visual Studio, and more.

For a complete list of available products, please refer to Microsoft’s ADT4T subscription page.


Active UBC Students*, Faculty, and IT Support Staff.

Sign Up Requirements

Faculty and IT Support Staff must have:

  • An active employee status
  • An active Enterprise Active Directory (EAD) account.
  • An active Faculty and Staff (FASmail) mailbox
  • A email alias that is associated with their FASmail mailbox

Students must have:

*An active student is any student who meets either of the following two criteria:

  • Registered in senate-approved academic courses
  • A graduate student currently on recognized leave, or with a continuing status
Extended Learning students and students at affiliate colleges are not eligible for the software.

More detail and updated Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching Agreement can be found on the Azure for Education website.

Getting Started

For detailed instructions on how to register and access Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching visit the UBC KnowledgeBase article: How to Register for Azure Dev Tools for Teaching (ADT4T).

Renewal Note: All registered users of Azure Dev Tools for Teaching will remain verified for 12 months and can renew after 12 months.


UBC IT does not provide support for this subscription.

If you need help with sign in, setup or using Azure Dev Tools for Teaching, visit Microsoft’s Azure Education Hub Support page.

Further Information