Microsoft Whiteboard


UBC is building a foundation to introduce a suite of Microsoft 365 (M365) apps into our technology environment.

To learn more, visit the M365 @ UBC portal site.

Microsoft Whiteboard is a digital collaboration tool that allows users to brainstorm, collaborate, and share ideas in real-time. With an intuitive, user-friendly interface and a wide range of customization options, Microsoft Whiteboard enables teams to create and share their work in a seamless, organized manner.


Features & Benefits

Collaboration: Microsoft Whiteboard allows multiple people to work on the same board simultaneously from different locations.

Customization: You can customize the appearance of your board by changing the background color, adding a grid or graph paper, or setting a custom background image.

Drawing and annotation tools: Microsoft Whiteboard provides a range of drawing and annotation tools, including pens, highlighters, shapes, and text boxes, that you can use to add notes and draw diagrams on your board.

Image and file insertion: You can insert images and files from your local device or cloud storage into your board.

History: Microsoft Whiteboard maintains a history of all the changes made to the board, allowing you to go back and see previous versions or revert to an earlier state.



  • Active UBC Students, Faculty, and Staff

Sign Up Requirements


  • This service is currently offered to eligible UBC Students, Faculty and Staff at no cost. 

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