External Directories

Telus White Pages and Blue Pages

Telus White Pages for Metro Vancouver are printed annually. In the Business Alphabetical section of the directory, there are 3 types of UBC listings:

  • Master UBC Listing – entries appear together under University of British Columbia
  • Alpha Listing – separate alphabetically sorted entries
  • Blue Pages Listing – entries appear together in the Health Authorities section, under the title of UBC Hospital

UBC Master, Alpha, and Blue Page listings are requested and charged through UBC IT Voice Services. Each listing is subject to an annual charge which is invoiced monthly: multiple listings for the same item will incur multiple charges.

If a listing is deleted prior to the end of the fiscal year the owner will be charged for the remainder of that year e.g. if a listing is removed in September the owner will be charged for the October to March period.

Yellow Pages

The Yellow Pages directory is used for advertising purposes and is not maintained by either UBC IT or Telus. Any UBC department or affiliate who would like a listing in the Yellow Pages directory will need to place their request directly with the Yellow Pages Group and will be billed directly by the Yellow Pages Group.

The Yellow Pages Group also manages the online listings for Telus. When a request for the Telus White Pages directory listed is placed, Telus will, in turn, pass that listing to the Yellow Pages Group to have it posted online. Similarly, when a Telus White Pages listing is removed Telus will pass that information on to the Yellow Pages Group to remove the online listing.

Online Directories

You may find many online directories listed for UBC, but they are not maintained by UBC Voice Services. Only the Telus White pages described above are within Voice Services control.