Using the 2616 Multi Line Phone


Allows you to place a call leaving your hands free

  • Leave handset in cradle
  • Select free line (lamp not glowing)
  • Dial the required number - you will hear ringing or busy signal through the speaker
  • Called party answers - their voice is heard through the speaker
  • Lift handset to speak
  • To disconnect from a busy or unanswered call press the release key


Route your calls to another telephone line

  • Press the forward key
  • Enter 5 digit number of phone to be forwarded to
  • Press the forward key

To cancel call forward

  • Press the forward key


To answer another ringing phone in your group

  • Select free line (lamp not glowing)
  • Lift handset
  • Press "CALL PICK-UP"


To transfer a call from your phone to another local

    • listen for 3 quick beeps and dial tone
    • lamp next to "CALL TRANSFER" will glow
    • lamp next to line answered will blink
  • Dial 5 digit local
  • If local answers, advise of transfer and press "CALL TRANSFER"
  • If local is busy or no answer, press key next to blinking lamp and original party is returned


To include five other lines in your conversation

  • Press "CONFERENCE" - listen for 3 quick beeps and dial tone
  • Dial desired number, when called party answers you may speak privately
  • Press "CONFERENCE" to include original parties
  • If dialed number is busy, doesn't answer or you wish to exclude from conference, press key next to blinking lamp to return to original parties
  • Repeat above steps for each added party


- when a campus local you dial is busy, ring again notifies you when the line is free and will automatically connect you

  • You dial a local and get a busy signal
  • Press "RING AGAIN", (lamp lights solidly) normal telephone use may be resumed
  • When the requested line is free you will hear a deep tone and ring again lamp will blink
  • Lift handset and press "RING AGAIN" within 30 seconds (or call will be cancelled)
  • The number is automatically dialed

To cancel ring again

  • Press "RING AGAIN" before phone rings - "RING AGAIN" lamp goes out


- using pre-stored numbers for automatic dialing

To Place a Call

  • Select an available line
  • Press "SPEED CALL" - lamp glows
  • Dial speed call entry number (1 or 2 digits)

To program a number (you must be a speed call controller)

  • Leave handset in cradle
  • Press "SPEED CALL" - lamp blinks
  • Dial speed call entry number and number to be stored
  • Press "SPEED CALL" - lamp goes out

To Clear

  • Leave handset in cradle
  • Press "SPEED CALL" - lamp blinks
  • Dial "SPEED CALL" entry number plus "*"
  • Press "SPEED CALL" - lamp goes out


- to store a number for future redial when the number is busy, not answered or the call is in progress

  • Press "REDIAL"
  • Dial the number you want to store
  • Press "REDIAL"

    NB: An active call is not affected by storing a number while the call is in progress.

To redial the stored number

  • Select an available line
  • Press "REDIAL" key - stored number is automatically dialed

    NB: Only one number can be stored for redial but can be changed by storing a new number


To automatically redial last number

  • Lift handset or press idle local key
  • Depress local key
  • The last number you dialed is automatically redialed