Using the 3902 Single Line Phone


To place a call leaving your hands free

  • Leave handset in cradle
  • Press a free line (lamp not glowing)
  • Dial the required number — you will hear ringing or busy signal through the speaker
  • Called party answers — their voice is heard through the speaker
  • Lift handset to speak
  • To disconnect from a busy or unanswered call press the Goodbye key or Ring Again


Route your calls to another telephone line

  • Press the Forward key
  • Enter 5 digit number of phone to be forwarded to
  • Press the Forward key

To cancel call forward

  • Press the Forward key


To answer a call in your own Call Pick-up group

  • Lift handset
  • Press Call Pick-up
  • Incoming call is immediately presented to your local


To transfer a call from your phone to another local

  • Press Transfer key
  • Dial 5 digit local
  • If local answers – press Transfer and replace the handset
  • If local is busy or no answer – press Goodbye key and the original party is reconnected


To include five other lines in your conversation 

  • Press Conference while you are on a call
  • The current party is put on hold and you will receive a dial tone
  • Dial desired number to add to conference
  • If dialed number answers – press Conference to connect all parties
  • If dialed number is busy or doesn’t answer –
    • Press the Goodbye key
    • Press the Line key with the flashing icon to return to the caller
  • Repeat above steps for each added party


This feature provides automatic dialing of frequently called numbers. Designated controller stations program the numbers into the system. Assigned user stations may then use these numbers by dialing 1 or 2 digits.

Controller - to program a frequently called number

  • Press the Speed Call Controller key – the triangular icon flashes inidicating it is in programming mode
  • Enter speed call entry number (1, 2 or 3 digits)
  • Enter phone number to be programmed
  • Press the Speed Call Controller key again to save the code and number - the flashing icon turns off
  • To program additional numbers or to change a number repeat steps


  • Lift handset
  • Press the Speed Call Controller or Speed Call User key
  • Enter speed call entry code (1, 2 or 3 digits)
  • The number is automatically dialed


When a campus local you dial is busy or there is no answer, ring again notifies you when the line is free or if the phone has been used and will automatically connect you

  • You dial a local and get a busy signal or no answer
  • Press Ring Again key
  • Hang up – normal telephone use may now be resumed
  • When your phone and the busy local are free or the person has re-used their set, you will hear the Ring Again tone

To call a Ring Again party when you receive notification

  • Lift handset
  • Press Ring Again key to automatically dial the campus local

To cancel Ring Again before notification

  • Lift handset
  • Press Ring Again key


To redial the last number called

  • Lift handset
  • Press a Line key

Optionally, to use the Last Number Redial on a handsfree call

  • Press a Line key twice. The last number dialed is automatically redialed.


To put a call on hold

  • Press Hold key
  • LCD indicator flashes beside the line indicating call is on hold
  • To retrieve call, press Line key beside the flashing LCD indicator