The Transmogrifier is a UBC built web based tool to assist departments and faculties in managing their own networks. It is available for use by registered UBC network administrators only.

Description The Transmogrifier provides management of your authorized set of networks for your department or faculty. Features available are abilities to turn network ports on and off, change settings of a port, view port statistics, and create traffic filters.

Technical Requirements Any web browser can be used for the application. Your CWL account is used for authentication.

Run Transmogrifier The application can be found here.

Pricing No charge.

Request or Modify Access

  • To sign up for an account, submit a service request for Access Permissions detailing CWL ID and the network names to be managed by the individual.
  • Keep account information up-to-date by submitting a service request detailing any changes to the list of networks to be managed
  • If you or someone else on your team no longer requires use of Transmogrifier, please send us a service request(under Access Permissions) to remove access

Contact For assistance submit a service request to the Network Management Centre.