Teamshare SLMS

Teamshare-SLMS is a UBC IT provided storage system that integrates with Enterprise Active Directory (EAD), and is used by IT administrators to access and install software.

For more information on the Teamshare service, please visit our Teamshare Storage service page.

Please note that the previous storage location of Saturn\Apps will no longer be available. Mercury (or Saturn) accounts will no longer be used to access the software repository. Access and authentication to Teamshare-SLMS will be conducted through EAD (see below).

Accessing Teamshare-SLMS

To access Teamshare-SLMS, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Be an IT administrator that is working for a UBC entity (this may include contractors who are not UBC staff) and have a legitimate business function for accessing the software repository.
  2. Have both a Campus-Wide Login (CWL) account and Enterprise Active Directory account.
  3. Have access to the Teamshare-SLMS share provisioned specifically by UBC IT Service Centre
  4. Connecting device must be using a wired connection with a campus IP address (connecting via wireless using the UBC VPN is acceptable).

Please note: The individual must use their own account for accessing the software repository. Shared user accounts are no longer permitted. The usage of the service must also meet the guidelines specified in UBC Policy SC14, “Acceptable Use and Security of UBC Electronic Information and Systems,” plus the Terms of Use for your CWL Account.

In addition, any individual accessing the service is required to sign a letter of understanding regarding the usage of the SLMS Service, which ensures clients adhere to the software license agreements as set out by the various vendors and manufacturers of the application product.

If you are accessing the Teamshare-SLMS service for the first time, UBC IT Software Licensing will provide you this letter, which must be signed and returned to them prior to accessing any folder.  For further details, please contact UBC IT Software Licensing.

Please note that if you had used Saturn\Apps previously and are transitioning to Teamshare-SLMS, you may experience loss of access to some folders on the new software repository after the migration. This is due to the combination of directory restructuring, new account management methods, and tighter restrictions surrounding access. If you believe you are entitled to a particular software application folder (either through a purchase or because it is part of a campus agreement) and are unable to access the folder, please contact IT Site Licensing with your details, including proof of purchase.

What is available on Teamshare-SLMS

Most software that was available on the former software repository, Saturn\Apps, with the exception of some older programs, will be available on Teamshare-SLMS. By default, Teamshare-SLMS users will be given access to the below software:

  • Desktop Applications:
    • Matlab (all versions)
    • Sophos Anti-virus
    • Any Microsoft Campus Agreement applications as outlined in the Microsoft Campus Agreement
  • Operating Systems:
  • Server Applications:
    • Sophos Endpoint Protection

Please note that when obtaining access to the new software repository, all folders will be visible but many of them will appear empty and have no files.  This is a normal function of the new software repository.  Due to concerns over inappropriate software distribution and copying, the university is required to closely monitor the administration process of  licensed software.  If you have purchased software through UBC IT, you will see the files for the particular product that you have purchased.  If you had purchased it previously but are unable to view the files for your product, please contact IT Site licensing with your proof of purchase to regain access.

Requesting Access to Teamshare-SLMS

To request access to Teamshare-SLMS, please ensure that you have a Campus-Wide Login (CWL) and Enterprise Active Directory (EAD) account already created.  If you do not have either of these accounts, please visit the following pages to find out how you can obtain a CWL and EAD account:

For IT administrators that are not UBC staff, both a CWL and EAD account are still required.  You will need to have an existing UBC staff or faculty member sponsor an account for you.  A link to Sponsor a Guest is on the CWL home page above.  Please consult the CWL FAQ page for further details on why guest sponsorship is required.
Once both accounts are created, you can send an email to IT Software Licensing to request access to UBC’s Software Repository on Teamshare-SLMS.  In the email, please provide:

  • Your name
  • Your CWL/EAD account ID
  • Department name with corresponding IAM short code

If you are looking to purchase licensed software, please consult the IT Software Licensing page for the particular product you are interested in for additional details on what’s entailed to obtain access.