Windows 11 Upgrades


Microsoft has announced that Windows 10 will no longer be supported after October 14, 2025. To align with UBC’s Cybersecurity policies, UBC IT is taking a proactive approach to transition to Windows 11. 

After extensive testing, UBC IT is excited to begin the gradual, phased implementation of Windows 11 through UBC’s self-service Software Center. This approach begins with approximately 250 UBC IT Staff PCs on the Vancouver campus that run Windows 10 and do not currently have any hardware, application, or driver compatibility issues. 

In Phase 1, commencing February 15, 2024, UBC IT Vancouver Staff will be offered the upgrade to Windows 11 at their own convenience through the UBC Software Center. At this time, upgrading to Windows 11 is optional but encouraged. Phase 2 (dates to be announced), will focus on all remaining UBC staff and faculty PCs supported by UBC IT Desktop Services. 

The upgrade process will take approximately 90 minutes and can be downloaded and installed in the background while you work. However, it is recommended to keep application use to a minimum while completing this upgrade. For the upgrade to be applied to your PC, you will need to restart your computer. The restart process will take an additional 10-15 minutes. 

To guide you through the Windows 11 upgrade, please watch the how-to install Windows 11 video and visit the Windows 11 Servicing FAQ page.

For any assistance or support during the upgrade, please contact the IT Service Centre


Features & Benefits

  • Windows 11 has an improved interface, better security, updated built-in apps, improved collaboration features, improved accessibility features, and better performance than Windows 10. 



Phase 1 (beginning February 15, 2024): UBC IT Vancouver staff PCs supported by UBC IT Desktop Services 

Phase 2 (dates to be announced): All other UBC faculty and staff PCs supported by UBC IT Desktop Services. 


Technical Requirements

To upgrade to Windows 11, you must have a Windows 10 PC managed by UBC IT Desktop Services with access to Software Center

Don’t see the Windows 11 upgrade in Software Center? It is possible that your device may have hardware, application, or driver compatibility issues. UBC IT Desktop Services is aware of all non-compatible devices and will contact you when we are ready to process your device.  


Further Information


  • Step by Step Instructions on how to install the Windows 11 Upgrade using the Software Center: