Getting Started

Requesting Spam and Virus Scanning by the Mail-Relays

It's easy to start using the UBC Mail-Relays to scan mail destined for your departmental mail service. The process begins with a departmental system administrator completing the Mail-Relay Scanning Request Form (TXT), and emailing the completed form to .

Implementation Process

Once UBC IT receives a completed scanning request form, it generally takes 2-3 business days to introduce the relays for your mail service. During this period, UBC IT and departmental system administrator will complete the steps below:

  1. UBC IT will update the mail-relays to accept messages for your mail service, and forward them to the appropriate host.
  2. UBC IT will then send a message to a departmental test account via the mail-relays.
  3. UBC IT and the department will schedule a time to introduce the mail-relays for the departmental mail service.
  4. The departmental system administrator will adjust the department's network's firewall rules to whitelist the mail relays network (IP's available upon request)
  5. The departmental system administrator will reduce the DNS TTL for the MX record for their domain to 300 seconds 12-24 hours before the cutover - depending on the length of their current TTL. This change will allow for a fast cutover.
  6. At the time of the scheduled cutover, the departmental system administrator will change the MX record for their domain to point to:
  7. Once UBC IT and the departmental system administrator have confirmed that mail is being passed smoothly, the system administrator will be able to restore the default TTL for their MX record.