Setup Documents

myVPN Setup Documents

Below are the setup documents for various operating systems and mobile devices. Please note any specific information for your device or operating system.

To connect to the myVPN service, you will require the following information:
VPN server:
Username: your CWL username
Password: your CWL password

Installation Notes

  1. Administrator access is required for the initial installation of the myVPN client software. Please follow the automatic or manual installation instructions listed below for more information.
  2. Existing myVPN clients will be automatically updated the next time a VPN connection is made.
  3. myVPN service is provided using hardware and software provided by Cisco. The Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client version 4.9 is supported on the latest operating systems only. For users running older operating systems please follow the instructions listed in the Unsupported Operating Systems section below


Supported Operating Systems

The myVPN Service relies on the Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client to provide connectivity. The operating systems listed below are supported by UBC IT. Visit the following links to set up your computer or mobile device.

If the operating system is newer than what is listed below, then it is not officially supported or available through UBC IT. When a new software client is released, UBC IT will test the client and monitor public forums for reported issues with the new client. When there is confidence the release is fairly stable, UBC IT makes that version available to the campus community. Bug issues take time to emerge and for the vendor to address. This process may take weeks, so it is recommended to postpone OS upgrades until a supported version of VPN client is available for use.

Operating System Setup Methods
Apple Mac OS 12 or later Automatic
Microsoft Windows 10/11 Automatic
Linux 64-bit Automatic

Unsupported Operating Systems

The following operating systems are known to work with myVPN. These versions are made available for your convenience and are not officially supported by UBC IT.

Operating System Setup Methods
Mobile Operating Systems
Apple iOS Automatic
Android OS Automatic