Mac OS Upgrade Compatibility Issues November 10, 2020
On November 12, 2020, Apple is scheduled to release macOS 11.0, Big Sur. If you are using a Mac, please note that upgrading to Big Sur can cause compatibility issues with your current software. The current version of Cisco AnyConnect is not compatible with Big Sur – if you wish to use Cisco AnyConnect with Big Sur, please download the newest version of Cisco AnyConnect from the IT website VPN webpage . We recommend confirming with your software vendors that they have a Big Sur compatible release for their software before upgrading.
New VPN Service Available
Students connecting to their UBC online courses from China now have access to a new secure internet connection to help improve access to online learning resources. Learn More  

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection uses encryption to protect data and prevent others from listening-in on the data that is transferred between your computer and the campus network.

UBC Information Technology offers free VPN services to UBC students, faculty, and staff at both the Vancouver and Okanagan campus.


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