Additional Options (Mini-hubs, port changes)

Wireless routers

Each room in residence has a hardwired, reliable Internet connection. We do not recommend purchasing an additional router. Some low quality wireless routers purchased by students have been known to interfere with the ResNet system and disrupt the service for entire residence floors and buildings. Low quality routers that cause network problems will be reconfigured or removed. All residences have wireless Internet available in the Commonsblock.

Questions? Please contact the IT Service Centre Help Desk for more information.

Mini-hubs (For shared-room residents in Place Vanier and Totem Park)

All shared rooms in Place Vanier and Totem Park will be issued with ethernet hubs as part of their room inventory. Should an ethernet hub not be present in your shared room, please contact your residence's housekeeping staff.

Port Changes

Studio and one bedroom units in the Thunderbird residences have two ports, one in the living room and one in the bedroom. Originally, only the bedroom ports were wired for ResNet. However, many residents find it more convenient to place their computers in their living rooms and prefer to connect their computer to that port. In this case, the living room port must be connected to the building's hub, which must be performed by Network Services. Consequently, there is a $110 fee for this service.

It is not possible to activate both ports in a unit.

To arrange for a port change, contact the IT Service Centre Accounts.

Port Replacement (For Thunderbird Residents)

Most of the ports in Thunderbird units have one jack for both phone and network services. Formerly, Thunderbird residents who wish to connect both their phone and their computer to the same jack had to obtain a splitter. Splitters are no longer being offered. Instead, outlets will be replaced with two jacks (one for phone and one for ResNet) at no cost.

Please contact the IT Service Centre Help Desk to arrange for a port replacement.