Other Operating Systems or Using Manufacturer's Wireless Utilities

There are a variety of wireless enabled devices that might be able to use WPA but do not run on the above operating systems or are set up in various ways. Additionally, some people prefer to use the wireless management utility provided by their manufacturer. Since we cannot cover every instance, the basic information you may need for WPA are:

Network / SSID ubcsecure (you may have to manually type this in)
Network Authentication Method WPA2 (also sometimes called WPA2-PEAP, WPA2-RADIUS, or WPA2-Enterprise)
Data Encryption Method AES
EAP Type PEAP v0
Authentication Protocol MS-CHAP-V2
Certificate Server secure.wireless.ubc.ca (if there is a mutual authentication option)
Certificate Authority

DigiCert Global Root CA

Serial #: 08:3B:E0:56:90:42:46:B1:A1:75:6A:C9:59:91:C7:4A
Thumbprint: A8985D3A65E5E5C4B2D7D66D40C6DD2FB19C5436