ubcsecure Wireless Network

The UBC Wireless network allows faculty, staff and students to connect to the internet on the UBC campus at high-speeds 24x7. ubcsecure provides secure access using WPA2-Enterprise protocols.


Who can use this service?

ubcsecure is available free of charge for all UBC faculty, staff and students as well as guests and affiliates. A Campus-Wide Login account is required to access the ubcsecure network.

Appropriate Use

All clients must agree to abide by the Appropriate Use Policy

Secure Wireless Network WPA Encryption Support

All users on the 'ubcsecure' wireless network are required to use the WPA2-Enterprise protocol and encryption scheme. Users should run the Autoconnect Tool  to configure their 'ubcsecure' wireless network profile, or follow the appropriate documentation below to manually re-configure the wireless network profile.

Getting Started

Further Information