How to Apply for a UBC Subdomain

Step 1

Requests for UBC subdomains should be made through your departmental web administrator. If you do not have a departmental web administrator or if you are the departmental web administrator, please proceed to Step 2. See more information on How subdomains are managed at UBC.

Step 2

Before submitting your request, please read the Requirements and Guidelines for UBC Subdomains.

Step 3

Submit your request online by completing the Network Service Requests webform.


In addition to providing the information requested, follow these steps in order to submit a subdomain registration request:

  1. Complete the Request Details section with the following information:
    • Your Request Relates To: Network Management
    • Service: DNS
    • Request Type: Add
  2. Under the Technical Details section, verify that you (or the listed contacts) are authorized to make changes on the requested subdomain by selecting the checkbox.
  3. Once the above are completed, the Subdomain Details section appears. Select Subdomain as the Record Type. Continue to provide the information requested.
  4. Add any pertinent information under Additional Details that would be of help in the approval process.
  5. Click on the Submit button to send in your request when all relevant fields have been completed.