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Voice Services provides phone service for Faculty and Staff. You can find out more about the types of services provided for internal departments here and affiliated departments here

For internal departments there is no additional charge for voice mail however it is not included in the Basic Service by default. It must be selected as a separate option in the service catalog when requested through Pinnacle.

If you would like to use your own phone, you can request that a line without a handset be installed for you. In the event of wanting to use your own VoIP phone, we are currently on a Cisco network so only Cisco phones will work.

Sales Inquiries

An over view of the phone sets available online on the AdminTel website.

Note:This service has been replaced by the Telephones service. For up to date information regarding the telephone services available to UBC faculty and staff, please visit the Telephones service page.

Depending on the area of the university you are in, you may end up with either a VoIP handset or a Nortel handset. Both types of phone are available with a range of available features and are available in a single line model and a multiline. Phones can be requested through your Departmental Voice Administrator.

The differences between Basic and Enhanced vary based on whether you are in an analog or VoIP building. The pricing would be the same for both.

Basic service on an analog set does not include call display or speaker phone, whereas the Enhanced service for analog would come equipped with both of those features.

On VoIP sets, the basic service does come equipped with call display and speaker phone. The enhanced service comes with call display, speaker phone, call waiting and a larger screen.

Voice Services is not able to support headsets. If you would like a headset for your desk phone, they may be ordered by your department through our contact at Sensus Communications. The contact information is:

Paul Maxwell
Director of Sales - West
Sensus Communication Solutions Inc.
124-5589 Byrne Road
Burnaby, BC V5J 3J1
Tel: 604.263.9399 Ext 2249
Mobile: 604.219.1041
Email: pmaxwell@sensusinc.com
Website: www.sensusinc.com
Catalogue: http://www.sensusinc.com/catalogue

Traditional calling cards that allow you to call long distance from anywhere in the world and bill it to a card or account are not available from UBC IT. Pre-paid calling cards are available from a number of vendors and are subject to their long distance rates.

There is an option for those dialing long distance from on-campus. A PBN (or Personal Billing Number) is used for dialing long distance numbers on phones that have not been enabled for long distance on campus. The PBN is charged the UBC rates for long distance and are set up under a subscriber and charged back to the requesting department regardless of the handset that is used for the call.


You can submit a request to find out who your Departmental Voice Administrator is through the UBC ITSC web form.

PIN reset requests must always come from a DVA unless the DVA is on vacation or for other reasons can't make the request. For those occasions the user can request approval from their Department Head, Dean or Director by submitting to us the Access Request Form.

For technical issues, you can contact UBC IT Help Desk either by phone (611) or through the UBC ITSC web form.

If you don't hear a dial tone on your phone, it is likely because of a technical issue. In the event of technical issues, you would contact UBC IT Help Desk to report your issue.


Instructions and links to the required web forms for gaining access to the Pinnacle Portal can be found on the Using the UBC IT Billing System page.

You will need to submit an application through the web form link provided and someone from your department (Dean, Director or Department Head) will need to approve your access. Once both of those actions have been completed you will be granted access to the Pinncale Portal and sent a welcome email with instructions on how to submit orders.

Charges will show up across from the subscriber names at the beginning of the report and will be listed further down the report connected to the service number.

Departmental Voice Administrators with Billing access for their department can view billing information under the billing tab when they log in. A search can be conducted using a department number or a specific date range and a departmental report for the monthly charges would be generated when the date is selected.

Yes, provided they are on the same floor in the same building. This is required due to 911 regulations. In the event of an emergency, the locations need to be close enough together that the emergency responder can find the location of the caller since only one of the locations will be listed with 911. A second location can be added to your phone line by contacting your Departmental Voice Administrator.

Yes. In order to cancel a request in Pinnacle a Departmental Voice Administrator would need to contact Voice Services, provide us with the request number and ask that the order be withdrawn.

You can view requests put in by other Voice Administrators, provided you both have access to the same department. You will not be able to view any information or orders listed in Pinnacle for departments you have not been granted access to.