eduroam Wireless Network

Login: Password: Your_CWL_password


What is eduroam?

eduroam is a collaborative wireless network that only requires one-time authentication and provides users with roaming access to the internet everywhere eduroam is available.

How do I connect to eduroam?

  • You can authenticate to eduroam with your CWL by including your institute's domain:
  •     Login:     
        Password: Your_CWL_password
  • Additional login details can be found here.
  • Documentation for configuring your device's network settings can be found here
  • Users from partner institutions use the credentials from their home institution to access eduroam.

Who do I go to for Support?

  • If you are not a UBC user, please contact your home institution's IT service desk.

Where is eduroam available?

  • A list of UBC campus and UBC affiliated locations that have eduroam access can be found here
  • A map of CANARIE affiliated institutions that provide access to eduroam in Canada can be found here
  • Information about eduroam affiliated institutions around the world can be found here

More information about eduroam…

  • Please refer to UBC's eduroam wireless network FAQs for additional information.