Qualtrics Training

This page provides information on how to access training resources for the UBC Survey Tool (Qualtrics).

On-demand training webinars by Qualtrics (~ 1 hour each)

Quick Start with Qualtrics Qualtrics description:
In this webinar you’ll learn how you can create, customize, and distribute your projects, as well as build reports to view insights in real time.
Advanced Survey Building Qualtrics description:
Take your survey to the next level. We’ll train you on our most popular and effective advanced survey building features.
Reporting Your Insights Using Qualtrics Qualtrics description:
Get the most out of your results. Become familiar with all of our reporting tools to help you understand your data.


NEW: UBC in-person training at LT Hub Qualtrics Studios

Join the Qualtrics studio to explore this application together and to receive support and guidance using this tool.

Some of the topics covered will include:

  • Building and formatting a Survey within Qualtrics
  • Adding functionality such as display and skip logic
  • Distributing your survey
  • Sharing your survey
  • Viewing your data and reporting using Qualtrics (introduction)
  • Understanding advanced capabilities (introduction)

The session are one hour long. To sign up, use the following venue links:

Learn more about the series and register for a session


Self-study materials

We have prepared a number of guides that you may review as required:

Quick comparison – Qualtrics to FluidSurveys functions A side-by-side comparison of Qualtrics terminology and features to Fluidsurveys.
Introduction to Qualtrics Quick Start Guide Guided walk-through on how to create a Project within Qualtrics. This covers the basic functionality required to create and distribute your survey and then view the results.
Advanced Qualtrics – Reference Information An introduction to advanced Qualtrics concepts including: Blocks, Survey Flow and Randomization. Also contains a quick reference for Standard and Specialty question types.
Getting Started – Guided Terminology Primer This guide will familiarize you with key terminology within Qualtrics. It includes links to various Qualtrics support pages embedded within a 5-step guide to creating your survey in Qualtrics.
Survey Distribution Quick Reference This guide covers the survey distribution options and the impact on survey data and automated reminder/thank you emails when using the various distribution options.