Qualtrics Training

This page provides information on how to access training resources for the UBC Survey Tool (Qualtrics).

On-demand training webinars by Qualtrics (~ 1 hour each)

Quick Start with Qualtrics Qualtrics description:
In this webinar you’ll learn how you can create, customize, and distribute your projects, as well as build reports to view insights in real time.
Advanced Survey Building Qualtrics description:
Take your survey to the next level. We’ll train you on our most popular and effective advanced survey building features.
Reporting Your Insights Using Qualtrics Qualtrics description:
Get the most out of your results. Become familiar with all of our reporting tools to help you understand your data.


UBC Qualtrics Studio Drop-In Training

Drop by to ask questions and receive guidance about using Qualtrics in teaching, learning, and research. The drop-in staff can answer your questions and support you with some of the following topics:

  • Building and formatting a Survey within Qualtrics
  • Adding functionality such as display and skip logic
  • Distributing your survey
  • Sharing your survey
  • Viewing your data and reporting using Qualtrics (introduction)
  • Understanding advanced capabilities (introduction)

The session is one hour long. To sign up, use the following venue links:

Learn more about the series and register for a session


Self-study materials

We have prepared a number of guides that you may review as required:

Quick comparison – Qualtrics to FluidSurveys functions A side-by-side comparison of Qualtrics terminology and features to Fluidsurveys.
Introduction to Qualtrics Quick Start Guide Guided walk-through on how to create a Project within Qualtrics. This covers the basic functionality required to create and distribute your survey and then view the results.
Advanced Qualtrics – Reference Information An introduction to advanced Qualtrics concepts including: Blocks, Survey Flow and Randomization. Also contains a quick reference for Standard and Specialty question types.
Getting Started – Guided Terminology Primer This guide will familiarize you with key terminology within Qualtrics. It includes links to various Qualtrics support pages embedded within a 5-step guide to creating your survey in Qualtrics.
Survey Distribution Quick Reference This guide covers the survey distribution options and the impact on survey data and automated reminder/thank you emails when using the various distribution options.