Data Centre Co-Location Service


The University Data Centre (UDC) in the new Pharmaceutical Sciences Building, is a  Service Offering providing Core Computing infrastructure space for Researchers and Faculty/Administrative units with clearly defined and scalable costs. The UDC is a 5000 sq. ft. facility with a 110 Data Rack capacity, the facility also has a designated Maintenance and Staging area for tenants to work on their equipment as required.

This new facility will enable tenants to move their Core Computing Hardware from less efficient Server Rooms into the high efficiency space of the UDC. Potential tenants could schedule purchasing space within the facility when contemplating new equipment purchases or if they wish to move existing hardware from a less desirable Server Room.

The UDC is secured via the iClass Card system and has cameras throughout which are monitored by the UBC IT Service Centre.

Space can be purchased on a Rack by Rack basis or if you have a requirement for hosting a smaller amount of equipment individual Rack Units can be purchased.

UDC Co-Location will:

  • provide researchers and Faculty units with Data Centre server space with predictable infrastructure costs
  • reduce UBC's overall carbon footprint: The energy-efficient design, in conjunction with leading-edge cooling technologies, will allow UBC to reduce its power utilization and overall carbon footprint.

Features & Benefits

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