Below is breakdown of the fees with some examples:

Option 1: UBC Standard Rack (Non-UPS)
60A receptacle $2,300
36U rack & rear door heat exchanger $10,000
Cabling, installation and other costs $3,000
Total per rack $15,300
Total per U $425


Option 2: Rack Provided By Tenant (Non-UPS)
60A receptacle $4,500
Rack with rear door heat exchanger Not included
Cabling, installation and other costs $6,000
Total per rack $10,500


Additional Costs For Redundant Power (Per kW)
UPS-A (up to 10 min. for graceful shutdown only) $900
UPS + Generator $1,475


Examples Raw Power UPS Only UPS & Generator
1U in UBC rack, 1kW power $425 $1,325 $1,900
1 UBC rack, 15kW power $15,300 $28,800 $37,425
1 Tenant rack, 30kW power $10,500 $37,500 $54,750

Rack Space

Rack space is based on Rack Units, each rack has 36 rack units available for purchase with the balance of the rack reserved for cabling and facility requirements. In this scenario you will be sharing a rack with fellow researchers.

  • Entire UBC racks can also be purchased when all 36 Rack Units (U) are required.
  • Per U is $425
  • Per rack (36U) cost is $15,300

The above costs include basic Space, Backbone Networking & Related Cables, Room Based Security, Power and Cooling. Fees are based on a one-time charge with zero ongoing costs.

Racks can be supplied by the University Data Centre (UDC) as recommended or purchased separately by the Tenant. Any Tenant supplied racking must be compatible with UDC power & HVAC facilities and be approved by UBC IT.

Life Cycle

All fees are based on the maximum Life Cycle of the equipment being housed. To ensure viability of the costing model and to ensure Data Centre space is being used as efficiently as possible equipment must be retired from the facility when it has reached its "end of life". This lifespan can vary greatly based on the type of equipment and its use with that in mind a maximum life span for housed equipment is set at ten years or when the equipment is upgraded whichever comes first. At the time of replacement new fees will be levied based on the Data Centre charges at the time of replacement.