UBC IT has negotiated a campus site license agreement with Oracle Corporation for the following software products. For general Oracle Java Licensing information, please click here.

  • Oracle Enterprise Edition Database
  • Diagnostics Pack
  • Tuning Pack

The software and full Oracle support is available at no charge to UBC administrative and academic departments for administrative, research, and community service use.

As part of the Oracle Campus Wide Licensing Agreement, UBC teaching departments may apply for free to participate in the Oracle Academic Initiative and/or the Oracle Workforce Development programs. These programs provide support for the use of Oracle in both degree and non-degree based teaching.

Obtaining Oracle Software

Oracle software is available for download from the Oracle website.

Note that, although there are many products available on the Oracle website, UBC is only licensed for Production Use of the above three products. Please review any license terms and conditions for any product you obtain from Oracle as additional licensing costs may be required.

Obtaining Oracle Support

Oracle MetaLink, Oracle Support Services' premier web supportservice, is available at no charge to members of the UBC community who qualify for the license. Access online technical support 24 hours aday, 7 days a week:

  • Log, view, access and monitor TARs Technical Assistance Requests online
  • Search a global repository of technical knowledge
  • Get automatic skill based routing of your TARs
  • Query the bug database for known issues
  • Download patches and patch sets

While UBC IT does not provide individual Oracle support, IT issues an Oracle "Support Identifier" required for you to register for the MetaLink support site. To obtain your Oracle Support Identifier, please contact the IT Service Centre. When contacting, please include the name of the UBC department that is using the license and contact number.

Contact Information

For more information, or to order Oracle Support, please contact the IT Service Centre.