Oracle Java Licensing


As of April 16, 2019, Oracle Java made changes to their licenses. All applications, including software provided by third-parties, using Oracle Java for university businesses must now obtain a paid commercial license in order to receive patch updates without fines. Without patching, systems will not receive the latest security updates, which is a significant security risk to the university. In addition, end users are also expected to upgrade to the latest license to ensure they meet security requirements.


  • Oracle Java Licensing changes do not impact systems using Oracle Java for instructional and personal use.
  • Applications on UBC IT's EduCoud servers currently meet the requirements via EduCloud Server license agreements and do not need to take action until December 2020.
  • Student Information System applications currently meet the requirements via desktop license agreements. A future initiative will involve the community in migrating these applications to OpenJDK.

Recommended Solutions

We recommend migrating to OpenJDK from one of the following vendors below to ensure applications meet security and licensing requirements. Applications running on UBC IT’s EduCloud servers would not need to take any action until December 2020, as these applications currently meet the requirements via EduCloud Server license agreements.

Suggested vendors:

Service owners can also choose to negotiate a paid commercial license with Oracle. However, we strongly encourage following one of the above suggestions instead. Please note that any negotiations with Oracle should be checked and coordinated with UBC Procurement.

Further Information


For questions or concerns, please contact the IT Service Centre.