Migrating off Oracle Java

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UBC SIS (Student Information System) Applications running Oracle Java on end-user Desktop

Starting in mid-June 2021, SIS Applications that run on an end-user's desktop will transition to use OpenJDK and OpenWebStart. These applications are

  • SISC
  • MSC
  • BBAE Admin
  • SCMC (subset of links)

(SSC, FSC and other web-based applications are not affected by this transition)

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Currently these desktop applications use Oracle Java (by default). This will be replaced by the Amazon Corretto version of OpenJDK. OpenJDK and Oracle Java are based on the same, shared programming language. Extensive testing of the SIS Applications hasn't found any functional differences, although there are some minor differences in the appearance of some screens.

In addition, these SIS Applications are currently launched using Oracle's proprietary JavaWebStart. This will be replaced by OpenWebStart (OWS). Users will see a new "splash-page" when launching an SIS Application. After the initial set-up of OWS, the SIS Application will run as before.

End-users will be able to decide a convenient time to perform the transition. However, it is strongly encouraged and requested that this be done as soon as possible.

The target date to transition all users of SIS Applications is June 30, 2021. Reminder messages will start appearing inside the SIS Applications as this date approaches. After this date, SIS Applications may no longer run except with Amazon Corretto OpenJDK.

Once transition to OpenJDK is complete and stable, Oracle Java must be uninstalled from a user's desktop if is no longer required, to comply with Oracle Java license agreements.


  1. Install OpenWebStart (OWS) on your desktop
    • Windows users
      • Department supported by UBC IT Desktop Services, Med IT or UBC Okanagan DA?
      • Otherwise
    • MacOS users
      • Department supported by UBC IT Desktop Services, Med IT or UBC Okanagan DA?
      • Otherwise
    • Linux users
      Manually install or contact your department IT Support for assistance.
      See details at Personal Linux Computer
  2. Launch the SIS Application in your usual way
    • OWS may auto-install the latest version
    • The latest version of Amazon Corretto OpenJDK will be installed
    • The latest version of the SIS application will be downloaded and run
    • Accept any security notifications


Special Notes

  • Users of VDI to access an SIS Application do not have to install OpenWebStart as it will be done automatically during the next scheduled VDI Recompose on June 4
    • You may need to log out of VDI and log back in again
    • You will notice the new OpenWebStart "splash-page" next time you launch an SIS application.
    • If your VDI session is closed down after a few days of inactivity, you may see new installs of OpenWebStart and OpenJDK

UBC IT EduCloud servers running Oracle Java

As of May 24, 2021, no server hosted in UBC IT's EduCloud Production cluster may have installed a version of Oracle Java that requires a commercial license.

No exceptions will be permitted since Oracle's licensing policy requires the licensing of the entire cluster, at a very high cost.

All other UBC servers running Oracle Java

Recommended Solutions

We recommend migrating to OpenJDK from one of the following vendors below to ensure applications meet security and licensing requirements.

Suggested vendors:

Service owners can also choose to negotiate a paid commercial license with Oracle. However, we strongly encourage following one of the above suggestions instead. Please note that any negotiations with Oracle should be checked and coordinated with UBC Procurement.

Further Information


For questions or concerns, please contact the IT Service Centre.