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Important Note: End of Support for Microsoft Windows 2008 Servers

Microsoft has notified all its clients that the Windows 2008 server operating systems (OS) have reached the end of their support life cycle as of January 14, 2020.

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A significant number of business-critical applications depend directly or indirectly on the Windows 2008 servers OS. Without Microsoft OS support, UBC will not meet regulatory, compliance and security requirements. As a result, all Windows 2008 servers will need to be either upgraded, replaced, or decommissioned.

In order to allow time for the system owners to transition off Windows 2008 servers, UBC IT has purchased a one year support extension for the current Windows 2008 servers hosted in the UBC IT shared environment (EduCloud or legacy VSS). This one year support extension ends in January 2021 and will not be repurchased. If you would like to utilize the one year support extension for workloads outside of the UBC IT shared environment, contact UBC IT contact UBC IT for migration assistance.

In the coming months, we will be reaching out to system owners who have a Windows 2008 server currently provisioned in EduCloud or legacy VSS to determine a course of action to ensure that security risks are appropriately mitigated.

If you have further questions, or if none of these actions are suitable for your technical environment, please reach out to Salim Janmohamed, Program Manager at

EduCloud Server is a self-managed, private higher education cloud server service that provides simple and secure virtual data centre access to provision, manage and utilize servers at a fraction of the cost of implementing physical servers. EduCloud Server is designed to provide functionality which allows self-management and self-deployment.  EduCloud Server is intended to provide the same convenience and cost effectiveness as other cloud services, while meeting all provincial privacy requirements under the FIPPA legislation.

EduCloud Server provides the ability to easily self-deploy virtual machines from templates. With this service, you can create and delete virtual machines, and change resource allocation all within minutes.  Managed using a web portal, you have the flexibility of managing your own environment at any time, from anywhere.

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