What is EduCloud Server?

EduCloud Server is a software solution that enables higher education IT organizations to build secure, multi-tenant private clouds by pooling infrastructure resources into virtual datacentres. These virtual data centres can be offered to you through web-based portals and programmatic interfaces as fully automated, catalogue-based services. EduCloud meets all B.C. provincial requirements under the FIPPA (Freedom of Information and Privacy Act) legislation.

EduCloud is built on the technology of VMware vSphere, the industry-leading server virtualization platform. By building secure and cost-effective private clouds utilizing EduCloud's VMware technology, your organization can simplify the delivery of services for the businesses they support, driving innovation and agility, while increasing IT efficiency and enhancing security. EduCloud provides you with the ability to leverage existing investments and the flexibility to extend capacity between clouds.


How Does EduCloud Server Work?


Deliver Infrastructure as a Service

EduCloud Server Service delivers resources to internal users as virtual datacentres. By pooling storage and networking capacity into virtual datacentres, EduCloud can help you manage resources more efficiently with complete abstraction between consumption and delivery of services.

EduCloud can deliver isolated virtual datacentres that draw resources from a common physical infrastructure. By pooling these physical resources on the back end, hardware utilization and consolidation increases. Similarly, underlying infrastructure can be pooled into tiers and offered to end users at distinct service levels and prices.


Consume Infrastructure as a Service

EduCloud Server changes the way that your end users consume IT services.  The EduCloud self-service web portal enables simplified, self-managed access allowing you to manage your own virtual datacentres.

IT organizations are able to maintain control with permissions, quotas and leases governed by role-based access controls that use the existing AD and LDAP directory services.


How is EduCloud Server Used?

EduCloud offers the benefits of cloud computing without sacrificing security or control. In addition, through increased consolidation, costs are reduced, along with task automation and simplified administration. EduCloud Server integrates with existing VMware vSphere deployments and supports existing and future applications by providing flexible standard storage and networking interfaces, such as connectivity and broadcasting between existing virtual machines housed in the traditional grid environment and new virtual machines hosted on EduCloud.


Key Features

  • Self-management through a web based portal
  • 24x7 availability
  • Scalable infrastructure compliant with BC privacy legislation and FIPPA (Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act) requirements
  • Secure multi-tenancy for applications
  • Efficient provisioning, sharing, and management of virtualized resources
  • Standard catalog of predefined virtual machine templates with usage metering