Changes to Campus-Wide Login Password Policy

Passwords are a defense mechanism towards protecting personal information such as student records, banking data, employment history, along with a number of other confidential records. As a part of the Information Security Programme and the Personal Information Security and Governance Program initiatives, UBC Information Technology (UBC IT) will be updating Campus-Wide Login (CWL) password policies on Wednesday, October 23, 2013.

What is the updated CWL Password Policy?

To further enhance security management and to ensure that UBC’s information assets are protected from current and future security threats, CWL passwords will now need to be changed once a year. CWL account holders will be asked to update their password on the anniversary date of their last CWL password change. If CWL account holders have not changed their password since creating their account, they will be asked to update their password on the date the account was created.

There will be three opportunities for CWL account holders to take action. If no further action is taken after three opportunities, account holders will not be able to access applications that require CWL authorization. Instead, they will be redirected to the CWL myAccount page to change their password.

"This policy is modeled after industry best practices while recognizing the unique security and collaboration requirements of higher education institutions such as ours. At the end of the day our goal is for our users and collaborators to use our resources with the greatest level of confidence," says Sebastian Gonzales, Senior Manager, Identity and Access Management at UBC IT.

Updating passwords regularly is a security best practice. After all, passwords are the first line of defense mechanism against threats. A strong password can be as simple as a passphrase such as "UBC Arts is awesome!" For tips on how to develop a strong password and how to properly manage your password, please visit the Password section at the UBC Information Security Office.

Where to go for more information?

For more information about the updated CWL Password Policy, please visit the CWL Password FAQs page.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the IT Service Centre Help Desk.