Delays for IT Equipment Purchasing

UBC IT’s next shipment of computer equipment, which includes laptops, docking stations, and monitors will be in mid-August 2021.  The COVID-19 outbreak has brought operational disruptions to industries across the world, one of them being the computer hardware manufacturing industry.  The switch to working from home and distance learning has also created a surge in demand for computer equipment, creating a massive supply issue. Customers are provided a warning of a three-month delay in receiving their order. 

Until August, there is a limited inventory of computer equipment available for UBC.  To check what inventory is available, please visit the IT Service Catalogue page.  Weekly updates on our inventory will be published there. 

UBC IT will do their best to accommodate your order; however, we need your assistance in planning advance so we can work to meet your requirements and timelines. If you are need new equipment for the upcoming months for new hires, and/or to accommodate hybrid working arrangements, please submit your order as soon as possible via the UBC Self-Service Portal.  If your faculty or unit is expecting to order more than five units of computer equipment, please contact your Client Services Manager to place your order. Batching larger orders together may be more advantageous for departments on purchasing equipment at this time.  

As always, if you have questions or concerns, please contact our IT Service Centre. For more information, visit our IT Service Catalogue