UBC IT Employee Spotlight: Majid Siddique Mohammed

Employee Spotlight: Majid Siddique Mohammed

We’re excited to take the opportunity to shine a spotlight on one of our team members who not only excels in their role at UBC IT but also embraces the challenge of continuous learning and professional growth. Meet Majid Siddique Mohammed, a key figure at the Automation Delivery Center, and an avid learner who has also recently taken on the exciting journey of learning Arabic. Majid joined the UBC IT team in 2018, initially for a twenty-month term that has since evolved into a permanent role that helps assess and deploy robotic process automation across the technology landscape at UBC. Majid leads the implementation of robotic process automation (RPA) team, that is revolutionizing and modernizing various processes across the university. The team has focused on a variety of projects from assisting Finance teams with automation to raising tickets for events recorded on cyber security applications. Krisch Pelingon, Manager of Accounts Receivable for Research Finance—and one of Majid’s clients—was able to share some benefits of having RPA implemented into their work including “[b]etter work life balance for AR staff performing tasks [and] less stress especially with high volume transactions”.

Recently, Majid had the opportunity to present at the prestigious CANHEIT Conference alongside Laleh Mosadegh. Their presentation centered on the implementation journey of RPA at UBC: from the conception of the idea to recruitment, solution design, and process automation. They shared key insights, including the importance of adopting an application programming interface (API) first approach for automation and effectively managing procurement and funding challenges. 

Preparation for the presentation was a collaborative effort, with valuable feedback gathered from UBC colleagues, the UBC IT Communications team, and several practice-runs to ensure a polished delivery. The presentation proved to be a remarkable success, with Majid navigating interesting questions on the software development lifecycle, project intake management, and the governance around process life cycles. Reflecting on the experience, Majid expressed his satisfaction with the presentation's impact, aligning perfectly with the conference's theme. The presentation’s main goal was to emphasize building upon existing processes rather than creating new software. The presentation contributed to the broader industry by showcasing how automation can streamline processes and bring efficiency to various operations. Currently, Majid is actively working on a diverse range of projects, including robotic automation for miscellaneous payments, retroactive payments, and raising tickets for events recorded on a cyber security application.

As we congratulate Majid and his team on their exceptional presentation and achievements, we gain valuable insights into the dedication, commitment, and passion that drives our talented team here at UBC IT. Their journey of learning, growth, and dedication to enhancing our automation processes is truly commendable and serves as an inspiration to all of us. 

To learn more about the CANHEIT Conference you can visit the 2023 CANHEIT website.