UBC IT Employee Spotlight: Sarah Mair


We are excited to introduce our next Employee Spotlight feature, where we shine a light on the incredible individuals who contribute to the growth and success of our university. Today, we're delighted to showcase Sarah Mair, a valued member of UBC, who has been playing a pivotal role in the University's ongoing digital transformation as a Community Engagement Partner (CEP) with the Integrated Renewal Program - Student (IRP Student).

As you may have heard, UBC has received a Conditional Go to proceed with the launch of Workday Student - the renewed student information system - in October 2023 and February 2024 (https://irp.ubc.ca/itsago). This move marks a significant step for UBC, as it brings the institution ahead with streamlined HR, Finance, and Student systems. The transition to Workday Student will provide the foundation for a modern student experience that is adaptable and can evolve to meet the needs of the institution for years to come.

While this change is exciting, it isn’t without some hurdles. UBC is moving from a home-built, customized system, to Workday's pre-existing platform, which has predefined settings. This will mean new ways of working for impacted system users across both campuses. Using Change Management skills and best practices, CEPs, like Sarah, are working with teams across the university to support a smooth transition to the new system.

Beyond her role as the Community Engagement Partner support for UBC IT, Sarah is a dedicated mother to her 7-year-old daughter and a passionate pet lover, sharing her time with her adorable dog. Exploring the great outdoors with her daughter, teaching her how to ride her bike, and discovering new bakeries and coffee shops in North Vancouver with her family are some of her favorite pastimes. In addition to her role supporting Workday Student, Sarah has been instrumental in helping the UBC community map security roles (https://irp.ubc.ca/news/security-roles-explained) and understand how they will interact with the new system. Sarah will be working closely with our UBC IT Primary Transition Leads on detailed transition plans for UBC IT to prepare and plan for the milestones and transition ahead. Her dedication to supporting UBC faculty and administration reflects her commitment to making a difference across the University.

If you have any questions about the transition to Workday Student or simply want to connect with Sarah, don't hesitate to reach out to her at sarah.mair@ubc.ca. She is always eager to engage with the UBC community and share her knowledge and expertise.