UBC launches a Data Stewardship Training Program

Institutional data is a strategic asset to UBC and it is everyone’s responsibility at UBC to ensure data is protected and properly governed.  To ensure these safety measures are in place, UBC’s Enterprise Data Governance Team launched a Data Stewardship Training Program earlier this summer.  

Individuals that took part of the training were appointed by members of the Data Governance Steering Committee as the “Data Steward” for their faculty or unit. Their responsibilities encompass the management and maintenance of data assets within their faculty or unit, which includes sustaining data quality, aligning and consulting on data definitions and standards, and other aspects of the data lifecycle management.  

The training program provided an overview of UBC’s data structure and frameworks (such as UBC’s Data Access Framework and Data Quality Framework) and resources for Data Stewards to help them make decisions on the management and maintenance of data assets, and to determine when requests need to be escalated to the Data Governance Committee. 

Thus far, feedback collected on the training has been positive. One of the Data Stewards who attended the training gave the following feedback: “…the initiative is on the correct track. We collect an abundant amount of information that likely ends up being underutilized or mis-used.” 

To learn more about the Data Stewardship Program and how data is managed, please visit the Data Governance website.