Update on Global IT Equipment Delay

Operational delays in the computer hardware manufacturing industry continue to impact UBC and UBC IT’s procurement of computer equipment. As noted in August, there is an ongoing global supply chain issue with regards to technology, specifically laptops. Response times are still variable and can range from 90-180 days.

In the interim, faculties and departments should continue to work with UBC IT to determine technical requirements and the most appropriate procurement channels. Equipment purchased must comply with the institution’s Information Security Standards (Policy SC14 – Acceptable Use and Security of UBC Electronic Information and Systems), and meet encryption standards. Not all consumer devices will meet these requirements, and therefore clients should work directly with UBC IT on their equipment needs.

If your department is supported by UBC IT, please connect with your Client Service representative.
If your department is supported by faculty IT, please work with directly with your IT Administrator.

UBC IT will continue to monitor this global issue and provide updates to the client community.

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