Zoom video retention policy postponed and recordings to be stored in Kaltura

You were previously informed that the new Zoom video retention policy would come into effect on March 31, 2024. That is no longer the case, as the policy rollout date is being postponed. Zoom videos that are a year older or more will not be deleted on March 31 and links to Zoom videos will continue to work past that date.

To ensure a smooth transition, the postponed policy rollout will also happen with a change in how we store Zoom recordings. Rather than store these videos in the Zoom cloud, videos will instead be stored in Kaltura. Kaltura is the media platform that is built into Canvas and is also accessible through the UBC Teaching & Learning Media Portal.

Once a new date for the Zoom video retention policy is set, we will announce it. After that date passes, all existing Zoom videos will gradually be moved to Kaltura and all new videos recorded with Zoom will be stored only in Kaltura.

What impact this change may have on you

Once the change goes into effect, you will need to provide a way for students to access Zoom videos via Kaltura. Details on how to do this will be shared when the new date for the Zoom video retention policy is announced.

Kaltura will also expand what you can do with Zoom videos, including editing them, adding video quizzes, and tracking analytics on student engagement.

Where to get further help

Please contact the LT Hub if you have questions about this change or would like assistance with Kaltura or Zoom. We are happy to help you navigate this transition.