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Software Licensing Bulletin

UBC IT is able to provide a variety of software programs at a discounted rate for the University community by leveraging large volume purchases. Statistical products, Microsoft software, and UBC administrative system software are available through IT, with the advantage of lower prices and a convenient installation process.

For more information or to purchase software for use at the Vancouver campus, please contact UBC IT Software Licensing. For staff and faculty from the UBC Okanagan campus, please contact the UBC Okanagan IT Services Helpdesk.

Please not: eligibility for some products may be restricted based on your affiliation with the university (e.g. student, staff, or faculty).


List of software available:

Click here for a full list of software available through UBC IT.


Important Information

  • Microsoft Products for Students - The UBC Bookstore offers academic pricing to students for many software packages. Please contact the Bookstore for more information about their product offerings.
  • Software repository location change - Due to aging software, the Saturn server was replaced by Teamshare-SLMS in June 2014.
  • Connecting to Teamshare-SLMS - Details for the Teamshare-SLMS folders can be found here.
  • Journal Voucher Examples - Here are two examples (example 1, example 2) of completed Journal Vouchers displaying the kind of information we may need.


Software Expectations

By purchasing a software license, you are only purchasing the right to use the software. You do not own the software and cannot redistribute it to others. Some other important policies surrounding our Software Licensing Service include:

  • Once software has been purchased, it CANNOT be returned. Thus, compatibility between your computer and the software should be thoroughly researched before a purchase is made.
  • Licensed are purchased per machine, so a single license cannot be used for multiple machines. NOTE: Depending on the software, Departments with at least ten machines in their lab may have the opportunity to purchase a Lab License.
  • Most licenses are based around a yearly maintenance fee.
  • Additional technical support for software can be found in the manual or the vendor's website. If you cannot find a solution to your problem, contact the UBC IT Software Licensing team.


Licensing Renewals

Currently, the only license that expires fiscally on March 31 is SAS. To continue using these software titles, you must renew your license on or before April 1.

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