Internet Access Ports


Internet Access Ports (IAP) allow laptop users to obtain a wired connection to the internet on campus. Most data ports located in public spaces are Internet Access Ports. When you access a browser after connecting to an IAP, you will be prompted to enter your CWL.

Features & Benefits

Internet Access Ports (IAPs) are a convenient way to access the internet, and provide a more stable connection than the wireless network.




Anybody with a free CWL account (UBC students, faculty, staff and guests) can use IAPs.

Technical Requirements

System Requirements Details
Account Campus-Wide Login Account
Configuration Must be configured to use DHCP
Software Microsoft-supported versions of Windows 11 and 10 for ARM64-based PCs
Windows 11* (64-bit), current Microsoft supported versions of Windows 10 x86(32-bit) and x64(64-bit), and Windows 8
macOS 12, 11.2, 10.15, and 10.14 (all 64-bit)
Linux Red Hat 8 and 7 & Ubuntu 20.04, 18.04, and 16.04 (all x64)
Networking Hardware A Network Interface Card (NIC) (also known as an Ethernet card)
Ethernet Cable / Ethernet Patch Cord (Cat 5 / RJ45)


Internet Access Ports are free for anyone to use (provided you have a CWL account).

Further Information

Getting Started


If you require assistance with your Internet Access Port,