UBC DNS and Network Settings

Campus Domain Name Servers (DNS)

As of January 2011:

It is recommended that on-campus computers use the UBC Internal DNS servers unless advised otherwise by their local network administer.

UBC Internal DNS: and

To create a more secure environment, external clients will be blocked from making recursive queries about non-UBC addresses. This blocking will be based on a broad list of networks associated with UBC and preceded by an advertising campaign. Further information is available in the myDNS section.

UBC External DNS: and

Prior to January 2011:
Campus DNS: and

The old addresses will continue to work for on-campus computers but they are primarily meant for access by external DNS servers looking up UBC addresses.


Time synchronization service (NTP) servers

  • ntp.ubc.ca
  • ntp2.ubc.ca


The above DNS servers are available for use from IP addresses associated with the UBC Campuses, except by special arrangement with the Network Management Center (nmc@ubc.ca).
Check with your department's Network Administrator in case they recommend different settings.

If your workstation (or laptop) automatically obtains an address via DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration, e.g. wireless, resnet, ...), suitable settings will be provided automatically when you connect to the network. For more information, visit the Resnet Section.