myDNS is an IP Address Management (IPAM) platform for the UBC IP infrastructure, including DNS and DHCP services. Management of UBC domain names and IP addresses is available to registered UBC network administrators.

Read here to find out what UBC IP is doing to address IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

Features & Benefits

myDNS is the UBC system that manages domain names and IP addresses for DNS and DHCP services. myDNS is comprised of elements which taken together, provide the management of IP addresses, DNS, and DHCP services. This system from Bluecat Networks has ISC based DNS and DHCP systems, Adonis, and management software, Proteus.



Only registered UBC network administrators can use myDNS. Sign up instructions are detailed on the how to sign up page.

Technical Requirements

The myDNS web interface requires:

  • A valid CWL account
  • A web browser
  • Internet connection via an UBC ip address (if you are off-campus, you must connect via myVPN)



No charge for UBC users.


Further Information

Getting Started