ubcprivate Wireless Network

ubcprivate is UBC's identity-based wireless network. It is the wireless extension of the Virtual Networks Service and allows authorized users to connect directly to their own department's network and security domain over wireless.


Who can use this service?

Identity-based wireless is available free of charge to UBC departments upon request. The department must have a Virtual Network in order to make use of identity-based wireless. If your department does not have a Virtual Network, make a request for one and add ubcprivate identity-based wireless to the request.

A designated CWL account administrator is needed to manage access to the department's ubcprivate wireless network on behalf of the department.

In order to connect, clients must use their CWL ID.

Appropriate Use

All clients must agree to abide by the Appropriate Use Policy

Technical Requirements

Wireless devices connecting to ubcprivate must support WPA2 Enterprise/AES. Visit the ubcprivate Configuration Settings page for more details.

Getting Started

Further Information