Stay connected to UBC Wireless

Important changes are coming to UBC wireless on May 9th. Prepare for these changes by downloading and installing AutoConnect on your laptops and mobile devices*, and any other devices not managed by UBC IT as soon as possible to ensure you can still connect.

*Note: Android users cannot upgrade their connection until May 9 as they are unable to run a concurrent network setup.

For UBC Faculty, Staff & Students

AutoConnect Now
to UBC Secure

( or connect manually )

For Users of eduroam or ubcprivate

For Eduroam users and visiting faculty, staff students from partner institutions, AutoConnect to the eduroam network. ( or connect manually )

For UBC Private users who have their own departmental virtual network, AutoConnect to the ubcprivate network. ( or connect manually )

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs last updated Apr 17, 2018

UBC is making changes to their wireless environment for all students, faculty, and staff. These changes will allow us to continue maintain the security of the wireless network and ensure you stay connected. Please use the AutoConnect tool to upgrade to the latest wireless environment.

We strongly recommend renewing your wireless connection with the AutoConnect tool by May 9, 2018 to ensure your transition is seamless as we upgrade our wireless network. Please note that Android users won’t be able to run AutoConnect and upgrade to the wireless network until after May 9, 2018. Please contact the IT Service Centre if you have any questions at

Please select one of the three wireless networks – ubcsecure, eduroam, or ubcprivate, to run AutoConnect. You do not need to run AutoConnect on all three wireless networks. If you are a UBC faculty, staff, or student, please select ubcsecure. If you are an Eduroam user/visitor, please select eduroam. If you are a UBC-affiliated group, please select ubcprivate.

AutoConnect provides the most up-to-date wireless configuration in order for you to connect to the UBC wireless networks. It is the most secure way for your credentials to be protected and configures your device with the default wireless internet network you wish to use.

You can access AutoConnect via any internet connection such as ubcvisitor at UBC or your own data plan.

Yes, you can configure your device manually if you do not have an android device; however, we strongly recommend using AutoConnect for simplicity and to also ensure all steps are done correctly. Android devices must use AutoConnect for all three wireless networks – ubcsecure, eduroam, and ubcprivate.

Depending on your unit/departmental configurations, you may not have administrative access to make changes to your desktop. Please contact your departmental/unit IT administrator for help.

Running AutoConnect should be done whenever you get a new device that you want to connect to the UBC wireless network. Additionally, some operating system upgrades may require you to re-run AutoConnect.

You can contact the IT Service Centre Help Desk via online, phone, or in person at the Walter Koerner Library. For more information, please visit

Installing AutoConnect again won’t cause any issues on your device.

UBC IT Desktop Services will upgrade the wireless configurations on all UBC IT supported Windows laptops on the backend from now until May 9, 2018. Users do not need to perform any action. However, if UBC IT Desktop Services is not able to upgrade your laptop on the backend, they will follow up with you and provide you the manual instructions.

No, you do not need to be on campus to install AutoConnect. You can install and pre-run Autoconnect even if you’re off-campus.

For Additional Support

For more assistance with connecting your device to UBC’s wireless network, please contact the IT Service Centre:

UBC Vancouver - IT Service Centre Help Desk | 604.822.2008

UBC IT HelpDesk - Walter Koerner Library

UBC Okanagan - | 250.807.9000